Designing Experiences That Matter

Communication happens whereever people are.

As communication methods become increasingly diverse,
we believe that brands need the skills to combine the real and virtual;
the power to reach hearts and inspire minds.

At Field Management Expand, we specialize in Experience Design.
Our multi-faceted approach combines spatial design, film, online content, and cutting-edge technology,
providing solutions for a diverse range of challenges.

Our Services

Experience Design

We assist our clients every step of the way to make their experiences phenomenal.
Along with experience design and execution, we cover communication strategy planning, online solutions, information management, content design, promotion and attendee acquisition, event operation, and more.
Achieve your business goals with the support of our intricate web of functions and services.

Experience Design

Digital Communication

Heart Capture is our service package specialized for B2B event communication

Heart Capture

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Using extended reality (XR) technology, we create virtual spaces for highly immersive online events.


In partnership with Coincheck, we provide rich content in 3D virtual spaces by using "Sharely," Coincheck's virtual shareholder meetings service.

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Qualified is our virtual showroom that works in full coordination with marketing automation (MA).
Because Qualified is integrated with an MA tool, it can help generate and nurture high-potential leads through visitor behavior tracking, as well as scoring and lead management.


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